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    Posidacious is a company based in the South West of the UK. Its core business is a system solving common problems letting agents, landlords and property managers encounter every day.

    We also run a maintenance team, specialising in maintenance and refurbishments of rental properties and also larger maintenance projects.

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    Richard Branson: "I learned very early on in life that business is simply coming up with an idea that makes other people's lives better"
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    The System

    Jacqui Courtier of Plymouth Homes says of Posidacious:- "Posidacious is essential to our lettings business. It's an online communication and repairs system that has a transparent speed up affect on repairs".
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    The Posidacious System provides a portal to effectively manage maintenance issues.

    How? It does this by streamlining the communications process between the letting agent (or landlord), the tenant, and the contractor. It's an extremely useful tool to manage maintenance, with the added benefit of aiding conformity to legislative requirements.

    Because Jonathan is experienced in both property management and I.T., we feel that Posidacious is unique because it has been designed and created by someone who has worked in the lettings industry.


    Here are some brief points on the benefits of using the Posidacious system. For a full writeup of these benefits and how the system works, click here.

    Maintenance Management

    Posidacious has been created to provide a clear and consistent process of maintenance management.

    Streamlining Communication

    Communication via this centralised platform encourages information sharing to enable efficient issue resolution.

    Eliminating Mistakes

    Posidacious helps to eliminate problems that can arise from non-standardised, disparate channels of communication.

    Record Keeping

    Keeping records in a transparent, precise, time-stamped way, shows all concerned parties an accurate history of each Log and it's current status.

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  • Testimonials

    Plymouth Homes Residential Lettings

    Plymouth Homes Lettings are an award winning letting agency providing rental homes to the residential sector.

    Plymouth Homes won 'Best in County' for Devon in the ESTA Letting Agent Landlords Awards 2016 - Congratulations!

    Here's what Jacqui Courtier (Director) has to say about Posidacious:

    "Posidacious is essential to our lettings business. It's an online communication and repairs system that has a transparent speed up affect on repairs.

    Our customers, clients and contractors love the system

    I strongly believe that this system was instrumental and a contributing factor to us winning the Best Landlord and Tenant Agent in Devon."

    Jacqui Courtier - Director